package examples::error_handling;
use Dancer ':syntax';
use strict;
use warnings;
use Data::Dump qw/dump/;
use Carp qw/cluck/;

This module demonstrates Dancer's error handling capabilities, in development and production modes.


get '/error_handling' => sub {
	template 'examples/error_handling';

#hook after_error_render => sub {
#	my $response = shift;
#	print STDERR dump($response),"\n";
#	cluck "this is how we got here";

post '/error_handling' => sub {
	my $show_errors = param 'showerrors';
	print STDERR "show_errors = $show_errors\n";
	$show_errors = 1 unless $show_errors eq "0";

 In a real project, you should never set "show_errors" like this.
 Set it properly in both "./environments/development.yml" and
 ./environments/production.yml" .
	set show_errors => $show_errors;
	die "Oops, I did it again";